domingo, 28 de setembro de 2014

Conferência Internacional do CREAN - O direito das crianças à não discriminação

CREAN - Children Rights Erasmus Network

Texto de apresentação retirado do site do CREAN

  1. CREAN Background

    1. Children and childhood are core issues for any society: children make up one-third of the world’s population and one-fifth of the EU population. Respecting their rights and promoting their well-being are important now – and also as the future citizens of the 21st century. Children’s rights are firmly on international and European agendas. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child has encouraged attention to children`s rights in law and practice reflected in States, institutions and national legislation. The European Union also recognised that children´s rights play an important role, for example the Treaty of Lisbon introduced an objective to promote children’s rights, while the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU guarantees the protection of children’s rights by EU institutions as well as by EU countries when they implement EU law. This situation endorses for professionalization and a need of a solid academic background in order to develop consistent practices, prepare policies and support people working in the field. CREAN promotes and contribute to the training of professionals in children’s rights.

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